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The PKO BP Bank is the leader of innovation and sets new trends in the banking of our country. Financial aid not only brings individual clients, but also companies that thanks to its support could start their business. In this bank we can count on reliable service and professionalism. PKO BP focuses on high borrowing culture and cares about our interests. The bank’s new customers can take advantage of the popular Mini Ratty loan. The loan is characterized by a fast inference process and low interest rate.

Problem-free contact with the bank

Problem-free contact with the bank

The head office of the PKO BP bank is located in Warsaw at 15 PuĊ‚awska Street – it is a large financial center. However, we can find branches of the bank almost everywhere – there are as many as 1192 in Poland. In each branch, we will meet qualified employees who will be happy to provide us with advice and assistance. PKO BP is known for its competent customer service.

We will also contact the bank by phone – consultants will provide us with all the necessary information. The hotline operates seven days a week, around the clock, so we can also ask questions to the bank at weekends. Institutions of the institution are open five days a week, on working days.

The PKO BP bank can boast a well-functioning electronic banking system. We will do our own on the website of all operations. A convenient smartphone application is a part of online banking, which helps you to manage your account and allows you to perform basic activities, such as a quick transfer or mobile payments.

Mini Ratka – loan from PKO BP

Mini Ratka - loan from PKO BP

The loan in PKO BP for new customers and transferring their loans is the popular Mini Ratka. We can apply for a loan online in a simple way without leaving your home. Applying for a PKO BP cash loan, we can get up to PLN 120,000, and the maximum repayment period is 96 months. New customers who opt for a PKO BP loan will receive a lower interest rate. APR Mini Ratio is only 3.46%. The minimum amount that we can apply for under the offer is PLN 1,000, and the shortest period for which we will borrow cash is 1 month. The bank also gives new clients the opportunity to consolidate loans from various sources. This is a great convenience for people who want to sort out their loans and convert several installments into one comfortable Mini Ratka.

A quick loan via the Internet is also available for regular customers of PKO BP. They can also apply for amounts from PLN 1000 to PLN 120,000. Signing the contract takes place on the iPKO website or with the help of the IKO mobile application. The entire process from the submission of an application to the payment of money is possible to complete within one day. Unfortunately, if we are not new clients, we must expect a higher APRC, even up to 17.43%.

Consolidation of loans and insurance with a PKO BP cash loan

If we decide to consolidate debt, we may receive an additional amount of up to 25% of these liabilities for our expenses. If your remuneration is on your pension account in PKO BP, a statement will suffice instead of a statement of earnings.

PKO BP offers its clients additional credit insurance for a cash loan. It can be extremely useful in a difficult life situation. The use of insurance is voluntary. If we decide not to do so, we should get help when we are affected by random situations such as death, loss of employment, serious illness or hospitalization as a result of an accident.

PKO BP is the largest bank in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank’s assets include, among others, a large number of branches, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the offer without visiting the branch. PKO BP provides its clients with electronic banking and mobile applications. It is worth mentioning that the Treasury has a large share of shares in PKO.

How to apply for a PKO BP loan?

The road to a PKO BP cash loan is simpler for people who are already bank customers. They can apply by logging into the iPKO website or take a loan from the mobile application level directly from their smartphone.

If you have not yet used PKO BP services, make an appointment for a telephone conversation with an advisor who will help you match your loan offer to your expectations. You can leave your contact details on the bank’s website, where you will find special forms.