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Payday loans – Up to € 5,000 instantly

If an unforeseen situation unbalances your economy and you need to get some extra money urgently, you can resort to quick credits to get liquidity almost instantly. On this page, we present the best payday loans and payday loan consolidation options also available.

Discover the immediate loans

The immediate loans are a type of financing granted by both banks and private entities that meet the following characteristics:

  • Speed. They allow us to enjoy the requested money in just a few minutes.

  • The solution to specific setbacks. These types of loans can help us solve specific situations that could put our financial stability at risk, such as the appearance of an overdraft.

  • Marketed, mainly, by private equity companies.

Given the success, traditional banks have begun to offer immediate loans in order to offer more financing tools and thus increase their client base.

Where do you hire fast personal loans?

In recent years, the supply of personal loans has increased. Therefore, we can get from immediate minicréditos that do not exceed 1,000 euros to immediate loans of 15,000 euros in a few minutes and with little paperwork.

The companies that we can go to get the credits we need are very varied depending on what our financial need is:

  1. Physical or online banks. The immediate loans granted by the banks of all life are known as pre-granted and are so quick because they are personalized offers that are sent to the client after having studied their credit profile.

  2. Private equity companies. a cough. You can go to them even if we have not been previously clients and get a credit in a matter of minutes simply through the Internet. The immediate loans of private equity companies require little paperwork and all the paperwork is very simple.

  3. Department stores and commercial establishments. The department stores, telephone companies or dealerships also offer immediate loans designed to make the purchase of their products and services more accessible. Its very attractive conditions, although the offers are usually limited to specific time periods, quantities or products.

Knowing what our options are for hiring the loan we are looking for will help us compare and choose the credit that best suits us and, above all, the one that has the most favorable conditions for our portfolio.

What types of immediate loans are available?

Within the financial market, there are different tools that allow us to get money fast. All these products are immediate loans for the speed with which they are granted, but each one will offer different advantages depending on our profile and economic situation.

  • Quick mini-credits They allow access to small amounts that do not usually exceed one thousand euros to cover unforeseen events. However, new customers are more limited in how much they can get. However, it is an opportunity to avoid interest if we accept the conditions of the company. They have to be returned in about a month except for a few exceptions.
  • Immediate personal loans. They allow obtaining a greater amount of money that ranges between 3,000 and 15,000 euros. In addition, the repayment periods are also greater and may exceed 6 years depending on the entity and the amount. They are usually used for major expenses such as financing a master’s degree, making reforms or buying durable goods, such as cars or televisions.
  • Credit cards. You can get up to 10,000 euros depending on the credit limit that each card has and that will vary depending on the profile of the borrower and the conditions of the plastic. If we make the total payments at the end of the month, we will not pay any interest. If we use the deferred payment, interest may vary between 12% and 29% APR.
  • Consumer loans granted by department stores. They allow us to finance the purchase of certain products or services. The big difference is that, instead of the money in our account, we will obtain the product itself and pay its price in comfortable monthly installments. The main objective of department stores is the sale of their products, so their financing conditions are usually very attractive.

In accordance with the good or service that we wish to finance, it will be convenient to request an immediate or another type of loan. For example, if we want to avoid an overdraft, our best option is to request quick mini-credits. However, if what we want is to finance the purchase of a car, the best option is to request immediate loans of greater magnitude.

The speed when requesting an immediate loan

The contingencies do not warn and usually appear when we least expect it and when we have less maneuverability. If suddenly we need money and we do not have it, we will need to get an immediate loan online, but the time it will take to receive the income may be delayed more than the account due to several factors:

There are cases in which the money from the quick loans will take up to two days to reach our account. The reason must be sought in the time it takes for the transfers to arrive when the current accounts of the issuer and the receiver are located in different banks. Since the lenders do not have accounts in all the banks in the country, if we choose an entity that does not work with our bank, the money will take longer to arrive.

Requirements that must be met to request quick credits

There are no uniform requirements that all entities share since each one can impose the conditions it considers to grant quick loans. There may also be differences from one company to another with regard to the minimum age of employment or the minimum amount of monthly income. However, most lender companies agree on the following requirements:

  • Reside within Spain. To request financing from a Spanish lender, it will be necessary for us to live in the country.

  • Have reached the age of majority. Some immediate loan companies will set the bar higher and require their clients to be more than 20 or even more than 25 years old. Therefore, it is important to check the requirements of each lender beforehand.

  • Receive regular income and a sufficient amount. It will be necessary to have monthly or, at least, regular income. However, any justifiable and sufficient income to be able to repay the loan money will not serve.

  • Not appear in a register of defaulters, although there are some entities that do admit persons registered in ASNEF.

If we comply with the above requirements, we can go to one of the many lenders in the market and request immediate loans. Your application process is very simple and fast, filling in the form will not take more than a couple of minutes, and we will get an answer at the moment. We must bear in mind that the more capital we request in the immediate loans, the more requirements they will demand from us.

Advantages and disadvantages of quick loans

In addition to its speed of concession, immediate loans have other advantages that can make the product even more attractive to users. However, as we can also cause certain inconveniences if we do not use them responsibly, before hiring them it is interesting that we know what the pros and cons of quick credits are:

What are the advantages of immediate credits?

The immediate loan companies do not ask the client to explain what they need the credit money for, nor does it ask the client to sign a contract with a specific guarantee or guarantee. In addition, the processing is completely online. They also usually include promotions and offers and do not usually charge us commissions of any kind. Another advantage is that many companies allow you to request extensions, which are very helpful in case you can not pay on the expiration date of the credit.

Disadvantages of quick loans

The main disadvantage of these quick loans is their price, which is usually considerably higher than that offered by banks in their traditional personal loans. In turn, we must bear in mind that this type of quick loans is loans with very short repayment terms that barely exceed 30 days. Therefore, the immediate loans should be used only in case of urgent need and only be requested when you are sure that you can reimburse the capital within the agreed term.

How to get fast money easily?

If this is the first time we request a quick loan or banks continue to backtrack our application, with the free guide “How to increase the chances of getting fast loans” , we can know what our real possibilities of getting loans are and what to do. to increase them; what is the logic of the lender companies to accept or deny fast loans and to whom we should request a loan depending on our profile.